Thursday, 9 February 2017

Haere Mai!

Welcome to Room 3 – 2017
with Miss Watson
I am so excited to work with you and your child.  It’s going to be a year full of learning, growing and lots of fun.
YEAR THREE: Your child is a year three student now and is expected to be an independent thinker and worker.  Please arrive at school between 8.30 and 8.50 to give them the opportunity to put their school bag, book bag and drink bottle in the correct places.  If you say your goodbyes before the 8.55 bell, your child can then easily settle into their classroom environment for roll time.
Room 3 have library time on Thursdays.  Each child is allowed to borrow two books.  These do not need to be returned until the following Thursday morning.
STATIONERY AND SUPPLIES: All students are well equipped in regards to stationary, thank you for this.  Unfortunately we do run out of the following items throughout the year: pencils, erasers, tissues, band aids and paper.  Your child or myself will let you know when supplies are low.  Unwanted books, puzzles, and board games would also be greatly appreciated and will help to occupy students during rainy lunchtimes.
HOMEWORK: Readers are sent home in book bags Monday to Thursday.  Have your child read the story to you, and then discuss the text, asking questions to ensure comprehension.  This no longer needs to be recorded in a log book.  Spelling words and basic facts will be sent home in their homework books on Mondays and need to be completed and handed in on Fridays as there will be an end of week test.  On Fridays a poem will be sent home to practise over the weekend.  Projects surrounding our inquiry topics are usually assigned once per term and are to be completed as a family/ with parental assistance.
LENNY: Each Friday a ‘star student’ will be chosen to take ‘Lenny’ home over the weekend.  Students are encouraged to write about their adventures with Lenny, giving you an opportunity to be more involved in your child’s writing.  During news on Monday morning your student will be able to share Lenny’s adventures with the rest of the class.  Star students will have special privileges and first choices in certain things as a reward for their hard work/ good behaviour.
BLOG: Your child’s photos will not appear on this blog until consent has been given. Please sign the consent form on the hard copy of this newsletter that has gone home with your child. I will have some spare copies on my desk.
It is so important to keep communication open between us and I would love to talk to you whenever you feel the need.  I am avaliable every morning as well as after school Wednesday to Friday.  If more time is required, then a planned time-slot may be necessary.  Alternatively I am happy to liase via email.
I am really looking forward to working with you and your child to help them reach their full potential throughout a fun-filled, productive year.
Kind regards,
Linda Watson
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